ROMAN VASSEUR, Clockwork Orange Performance - Wayne Lloyd
ROMAN VASSEUR, Let us Pray... ( Interior with video projection, Statecraft by Amanda Beech)
ROMAN VASSEUR, Talks Programme at St. Pauls Church with John Piper Mural in background
ROMAN VASSEUR, Nu Town - A Wayne Lloyd book commissioned for Let Us Pray...

Projects curated for Let Us Pray for Those Now Residing in the Designated Area

Selected documentation:

Wayne Lloyd - Nu Town . View documentation and video of performance >>

Amanda Beech - Statecraft - View documentation and excerpt of commissioned video >>


Other commissions included:

Mike Ricketts - Reverse Consultation

The Serendipity Group

Welcome to Elsewhere- Including works by Chris Evans, Pil & Galia Kollectiv and Alison Gill


Panel Discussions:

Organised in collaboration with The University of Essex

Do You Want or Need Public Art?
Speakers included artist Bob and Roberta  Smith, art historian Iris Balija and freelance curator Matthew Poole.

Is Community the Fantasy of Architecture?
Speakers included Dr. Andrea Philips and Matthew Poole.