In particular, the top two floors of the lofty Pump House interior – housing Roman Vasseur's epic Cursed Commission (The Shadwell Bequest) (2006), Amanda Beech's We Never Close (2008) and Diann Bauer's The Insolvency of the Goldwoods Estate  (2008) – work well as an installation in their own right. Bauer's trademark tumescent, swollen, seeping characters leak all over wooden maquettes of 'newbuild' tower blocks suspended from the ceiling, providing the perfect thought-bubble for Vasseur's sacrificial mural depicting the slaying of a 'community' artist. Along with Beech's simmering, incessant and dismembered MTV-style promo, we approach something resembling an appropriately unnerving environment.

Institute of Psychoplasmics

Curated by Pil & Galia Kollectiv

Pump House Gallery, London
9 April – 26 May

Review by Alasdair Hopwood


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