Faction written for a publication to accompany solo show by Amanda Beech - FALK - 2006

MOT Gallery, London

State of Fear

She’d been awake for several hours, troubled by
an unending turbulence of chaotic thoughts. Yet
each of these transitory thoughts were examined
like an irritating curiosity, given an evanescent
examination and discarded without resolution.
Beyond the windows of the darkened room she
could hear the raw October wind claw at the
brick walls of the three storey building nestling
in the architectural recess between the purring
towers of the city’s financial hubs. The hard
drive of her computer sustained the filaments of
data that were gradually coalescing towards a
decipherable constellation. It was simply a case
of sustaining the altitude she needed over these
fragments to be able to read and confirm what
she already knew.

…Occidental Petroleum Corp, Armand Hammer

and the Trilateral Commission; the Aexander L.
Kielland offshore platform sabotage; Sam
Waksal, Larry Gagosian, Martha Stewart and the
Imclone scandal; Harvey Weinstein, Enron, Dark
Star, Get Shorty, the Californian Electricity


Chapter 3 of AN EXHIBITION IN 3 CHAPTERS, in which three artists were asked to present a single work as a solo exhibition, author a small publication and initiate the loan of a Library collection to be housed at MOT. Amanda Beech initiated a loan from Tower Hamlets Library services in the form of a collection of unwanted books, specifically ‘Airport Novels’ that the libraries dispose of, if unread for over two years. Beech collaborated with Roman Vasseur on a 48 page book, FALK, published by MOT international that accompanied the exhibition and acted as a sub-text to the work on show.

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