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Nominated by Matthew Poole

I've chosen to nominate Roman's work for PILOT:3 because his practice opens up intriguing complex spaces of politicity in ways that feel like a cerebral toe-stubbing for liberalist thought.  Through rich panoply of methods his objects, films, performances and interventions present fascinating often bloody-minded provocations that present the mysterious, mythological and ritualistic drive to political agency as just that - drive.

In earlier works, such as the Cubic Metre of Transylvannian Earth, a mushroom cloud of fictions erupts from the pregnantly mute work, presenting a vicious origami of intentionality that squirms violently to perpetually eschew its own logic, casting adrift the stability of interpretation and unseating the satisfaction of familiarity.

Recent projects, including the Ritualised Death of a Mural Artist, and the new work presented in these pages here, slap the face of complacency within the founding principles of Western Liberal Democratic thought by pitting its own hyperbolic rhetoric against the logic of its ethical precepts; namely individual freedom and social agency. With all of Roman's work a hypnotic vampiric spectre seduces us and sweats its way out to parasitise the merest quotidian details that surround us in a miasma of leeching forces. The works set-off cellular osmotic chemical chain reactions that infect the images of the world that form the dense foggy nexus of our relations to one another. This is the immanent violence of the social.

Matthew Poole
Freelance Curator and Lecturer at Essex University


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