ROMAN VASSEUR, 500 Pounds of Common Earth...

500 Pounds of Common Earth...

500 Pounds of Common Earth

1 Metre Cubed

Transylvania to London

1999 –

Roman Vasseur

14 colour postcards,
150 x 105 mm, wrapped

Limited edition of 250

ISSN 1471-4493

This publication documents the journey of 1 cubic metre of earth excavated form the Borgo Pass, Transylvania by Roman Vasseur. The earth was transported from its original location in Romania by land to Vienna, then to London, where it was installed at the Austrian Cultural Forum. The Earth progressed to Project in Dublin in 2001 and in 2002 appeared in New York, before going on to Raid Projects, Los Angeles and finding its 'final' resting place at the Center for Land Use Interpretation in the Californian desert.

This unique document brings together facsimiles of customs documents certifying the soil free of contamination, images of the journey, maps charting the route and postcards home.

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