ROMAN VASSEUR, Let Us Pray for Those Now Residing in the Designated Area -  Publication

Let Us Pray for Those Now Residing in the Designated Area - Publication

Let Us Pray for Those Now Residing in the Designated Area

A new publication from kynastonmcshine Projects by Roman Vasseur

Please join us to celebrate the launch of this publication and a special issue of JVAP (Journal of Visual Art Practice) #9.2 guest-edited by Matthew Poole.

Thursday 14th April 2011

Whitechapel Gallery
77-82 Whitechapel High Street
City of London
E1 7QX


Notes for Editors:

Let us Pray for Those in the Designated Area, by Roman Vasseur
This new book by artist Roman Vasseur documents and re-presents his role as Lead Artist for the British post war new town of Harlow and its project of state building, art and democracy. The book includes essays and fictions by Roman Vasseur and Matthew Poole and an interview with the artist by curator Marie-Anne McQuay. The publication is designed by Thomas Ulrik Madsen.

JVAP 9.2, ‘Anti-Humanist Curating’ – Guest Editor: Matthew Poole
The special issue of JVAP (Journal of Visual Art Practice) #9.2 has been guest-edited by Matthew Poole and is dedicated to the topic of anti-Humanist curating. This research project, set up by Poole in 2010, explores the limits and problems of Liberal Humanist ideology and politics and its relations to curatorial practices today and the challenges they face in a society dominated by Neo-Liberal Post-Fordist Capitalist imperatives.

The JVAP 9.2 has new essays by: Amanda Beech, Roger M Buergel, Bridget Crone, Andrew Hunt, Jaspar Joseph Lester, Paul O’Neill & Mick Wilson, and Matthew Poole.

Event Partners:

CCS (the Centre for Curatorial Studies) is a research and teaching unit within the Department of Art History & Theory at The University of Essex. The Director of CCS is Matthew Poole.

JVAP, or The Journal of Visual Art Practice, addresses issues of contemporary debate within Fine Art institutions and studios encompassing both the theoretical and the practical. The Commissioning Editor of JVAP is Chris Smith, Principal Lecturer at the Sir John Cass Department of Art, Media and Design, London Metropolitan University.

kynastonmcshine Projects is an occasional imprint of kynastonmcshine, a new project space in London that will open in May 2011. The Director of kynastonmcshine is Matthew Poole, and the projects programme will be curated by Matthew Poole & Jamie Stevens.