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Press Release


Jeffrey Charles Henry Peacock Gallery 


A pure flame will burn bright in the desert!


Owing to recent and seismic changes JCHP gallery is relocating to a site free from the fetid distractions of its place of birth. Re-sited in the Horn of Africa it will act as a beacon to those whose hearts burn with a passion pure and righteous, unfettered by the burden of a tired zeitgeist hawking its robes like a wasted mule only a hoofed step away from the slaughter house.


From its new headquarters in Khartoum Sudan will be borne a different artist. Lean and unencumbered, ready to disseminate the word of JCHP like a distant but crystalline, spring clear voice sounding out through the capillaries and networks of western economies, sweeping the chaff and fat from the frame of its abused corpse. The new JCHP artist will forget its corpulent, gluttonous past and stride out into the 21st Century from its desert oasis breathing a cool and purifying fire onto its former allies and enemies alike; sweeping away the suffocating dust of uncertainty. 


JCHP will transform its pain into new sinews of divine strength ready to receive and bless others with the economy of its vision. In splendid isolation JCHP’s simple encampment will generate a warm and terrifying justice that will restore art. For every action there is a reaction.


Our art is a slow raging victory borne from an undying patience.



Zubier Pascha Street

t: +249-1-83772860



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